Black Dog Duo


BLACK DOG DUO is a collaboration between clarinetist Kelsey Paquin and pianist William Hueholt. Founded in 2015, the duo strives to create engaging concert experiences that center around new music and exploring lesser-known works in the repertoire, all within a global perspective.

New Music. Through collaboration with living composers, Black Dog Duo premieres new works and crafts compelling interpretations of newer classical music. Acknowledging that not all great music is recognized in its time, the duo seeks out and performs hidden gems that lie outside of the classical canon.

Engagement. Recognizing the changing role of classical music in the modern world, the duo is committed to education and outreach. By bringing nontraditional repertoire to unconventional spaces, Black Dog Duo creates meaningful encounters between audience members and classical music.

Global Perspective. Black Dog Duo believes that music connects people across language, culture and time. Through performance of works written in and inspired by a variety of musical traditions, the duo creates chamber music for all.

And yes, they have a black dog—but it’s not the full story behind the name. Click here to read the full story.